lunes, 31 de julio de 2017

Bussines Oportunity: LeakVM !!!

Thinking about our product, I came up with a wonderful idea, you have a software company, you want to enter the security market without much effort, well I have the solution, LeakVM was created to do Pentest and Research for Android, this can be ported to platforms like iOS and IoT very easily; Remember before Windows was released to the market, IBM did not see any problem in accepting its terms, this is the same, you can make your company is in the forefront of all others, with the most advanced in the market, The easiest to use, even a person with almost zero security knowledge can use it, if you want, you can literally get all the pentesters in Android and security guys, probably this project make you win millions dollars, why ? Is very simple, LeakVM simplifies everything, the industry needs a product like this, right now.

LeakVM also has a management panel which allows you to have complete control of the current version, the whole web system was created from scratch, with security in mind, MiTM, CSFR, XSS, Sessions, Banning, Resellers and rewards, the system Whole is designed to ban anyone who tries to attack it, and all fields are validated with regular expressions and double validation
before being inserted into the database.

This discussion started 3 days ago on LinkedIn, some did not like my answer and that is why they banned my account (I always have backups of all my contacts), I personally close my other social accounts, not interested in my social networks, are fully of smoke, not just my normal followers, but this sites have more smoke, The real customers are on the internet, maybe for you not be so and respect your point, are different businesses.

If we annoyed so many people to try to block the launch and sale of LeakVM commercially, I know that I am doing something great, if this was not something important they would not have done it, they would simply have ignored my words, but they did the opposite gave it too much Importance, this reaffirms my beliefs, LeakVM can kick many asses.

I could sell this to the handly, this is not a problem, But the truth is that I'm just very good doing one thing, writing code, you may be better for business and have more patience than i when discussing with idiots. I personally review method by method, functionality by functionality of this project, having all possible attacks so that this was the best possible, of course there are magicians and ninjas in the code, that is why I wrote a very restrictive LICENSE.

If you are a good business man, you know what opportunity we are talking about, thousands of possible purchases, in a market totally saturated with bad practices, you will win without effort, to me personally I am only interested in money, this tired of people in general and serious Great not having to have to see them again

Now i developing the last part, the last security layer and the review of API class, and all be ready to sell, if you like hooking features i can add it too, you just have to negotiate, I'm literally offering you gold, you just have to wash it and sell it.

Literally this project was developed for not need support team and develop team, a single guy can maintain it by him self, on the future I can continue developing my another tools as TOP, if you are my follower you known what I talking about, but for now I need money, not just smoke as many people propose me.

Probably I am many things, but what I will never be a liar.

Sincerely: Luis Fernando Obando Velez (AKA Jheto Xekri)

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