jueves, 22 de diciembre de 2016

LeakVM: You team are ready for us ?

I be working hard for an long time on related projects: code transformation, reflexing, modify, remove, overwrite, hooking, injecting, bypass security, spy/crypt tech, oh well now i be very close to finish my first commercial version of LeakVM, on the next weeks i update info about, payment ways, documentation, code examples, SDK, etc.

Surely your team has a very important question, can everyone buy this? Yes absolutely everyone, we are not HackTeam, we sell our tools thinking on an good price, an price averyone can pay, there are no rules, it's the real world, The Free Market, no matter that they try to ban my accounts, I always will found how to trade this, we do not have stupid rules like in US or EU, simply our only rule is: you can pay it? 

LeakVM web interface

You team are ready for us ? LeakVM 

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