miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2016

Transformation Oriented Programming (TOP)

For some time now I can not stop thinking about how this built our world (opcodes), developing Vector Attack Scanner and Dark Ether, I've seen this is as primordial matter, apparently are only actions for a processor, but this is like elementary particles , all together form our universe, meet each other to create more complex elements, if all the matter of our universe is created by frequency (M and String Theory), this is almost the same, I can not sleep of thinking in this, so I stopped a few things that was developing and testing it out in my free time, I think to finish this is more important, not how long it takes to write me, you maybe a few months or more, but it will be great fun to do, so it will not be more PoC's for a while, just the usual publications on Twitter and LinkedIn.

All this on the theory of Dark Ether has made me think about a paradigm: "Transformation Oriented Programming" when this is over is the'll show you, I know you will love it, this is no longer tries to find an 0day, or bypass something, is like not to see a world solid in three dimensions, it is like seeing formless, multidimensional to infinity, where all dimensions are one above the other, communicating among themselves, where everything can be what you want it to be, if know how to do it, it sounded crazy, but it's always the same, only the crazy people can create different things.

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