lunes, 24 de agosto de 2015

The theory of the Dark Ether

Recently we've been doing some testing with OpenSSL and MetaProgramming, which has put us to think about the structures and the manner in which programming languages and software functions; we prove that the properties in Java classes can be modified in real time, adding or deleting flags, this left us with a question, whether this can be done, what things could be done more?

In particle physics we have seen that the atoms are formed by electrons, protons and neutrons, which in turn are composed of quarks and leptons, which are the fundamental constituents of matter, we have seen how quantum mechanics explains how operates the subatomic world, we also see that detailed exceptional properties under certain conditions for certain items, our real world is made up of particles only and is not a solid world as many believe, other physical theories argue that matter is energy vibrating at different frequencies, heat, sound, light, that made us think about whether this could apply to software and programming languages.

Which is the software: they are simply a representation of objects in binary structures of 0 and 1, which are grouped in multiple ways to run something, the software can develop in multiple forms, Linear, Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Agent Oriented Programming (AOP), Aspect Oriented Programing (AOP), Language Oriented Programming (LOP) and others.

Initially our research was to see what could be done with classes, that are already compiled into a binary, during this test created a library called #Morpher this allowed us to access a more friendly way MetaProgramming wing without writing much code, with 5 lines was possible to cover an entire class and change properties at will.

This gave us a very crazy and strange idea, what if we could create a language and / or library that could do more strange and unusual things, which were light, fluid, amorphus, unregulated, untraceable, that could change fields, methods, constructors and classes, which could be introduced in any language and / or platform, this gave us the idea of something called #DarkEther that could be a single library or a programming language.

#DarkEther This is something that could change the concepts we've had for years about the software, it seems really interesting topic, so that's why we decided to dedicate some time to this research and the possibilities this theory, if this results in what we're thinking we could probably do #BlackMagic with the software on real-time , modifying it and transmuting it into what we want, and if we mix it with IA, the possibilities would be endless, this could create new unexplored areas in computing science, security and vulnerability analysis.

If you want to move an immovable object, stop something unstoppable and change something unchangeable, you need change the properties of that element.

Dark Ether

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