jueves, 15 de agosto de 2013

Preview: SSP (Simple Spread Panel)

This was a tool that was developed initially to prove that no windows is safe, easily any user of 5 browsers tested fell into the trick, the mode of infection was a simple Drive By Download, this downloaded the binary that we set on the panel and was one way to spread malware easily.

Unfortunately some Microsoft researchers ensured that I was responsible for spreading the Zeus malware and the supreme court of the United States I have a legal problem because of this.

Some hackers saw the demo that you post on a free server and they loved the panel, but in the end never sold or post your code, the panel was completely written in PHP, Javascript and HTML.

It was fun to see everyone see me as someone who could fuck their systems, but this had repercussions me, thanks to this, many believe that I am a cyber criminal, that theft accounts and credit cards, but it is not.

This demo, could easily be the basis for a new exploit pack.

Big lies that the media say: "John Doe 38, aka jheto2002, are other developers involved, writing "Web inject" code that gets the malware onto victims' computers, the complaint said. Some other defendants also were involved in developing the software." CNet


When you you say on an legal case,  "jheto2002, are other developers involved, writing "Web inject" code that gets the malware onto victims'", you are affirming, you are defaming, damages the public image of a person, damages their mental health, and utterly destroy job opportunities for this person, this makes you a criminal.

This is a real Zeus Code: Zeus Source Code and this crap is not mine.

Repository: SimpleSpreadPanel

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